5 Common Pests Which Are Not Good For A Home

Facing the pests problem is not at all new but very common for every homeowner. The entrance of pests in the house is quite alarming. On the contrary, you will not easily come to know if pests have entered your house unless you observe the one. Moreover, without detailed inspection deciding their infestation level is also not easy.

Generally, any kind of pests and pathogens are not good to exist in your house. Moreover, you know how annoying and precarious the pests can be for you and your family. Thus, taking professionals’ help, trying effective DIYs, and acting more cautious for your property’s safety is a must. Furthermore, here we are focusing on the 5 most common pests that usually exist in every other house.

These are the 5 common pests that are not good for a home:

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are the most destructive pests in your house. At first, they try hard to spoil your food and stuff. Second, they keep spreading fatal diseases as well. Specifically, the disease spread by rats is leptospirosis. It tends to affect the heart, kidneys, and liver. Next, the mice are also fast in spreading diseases like meningitis and salmonella.

On the other hand, the rats should be treated with safety. If you end up trying rat kills, then the insects developing on rats after they die are even more severe. Rats and mice pollute your foods and also leave the urine behind. This further halts your hygiene and creates an unhealthy environment.


Mosquitoes are another popular home pest. Not only a locality but a word-wide locality is affected by mosquito attacks. They not only leave an itching bite behind but also transmit diseases from one person to another. However, every locality is working with a prominent pest control service. A helpful initiative is taken ahead to keep localities mosquito-free.

Again, mosquito bites are not only itchy but also affect your sleep. Hence, the disturbed sleeping pattern can further make you fall ill. Certainly, you should try to remove the standing water. Keep a check on your air conditioners, leaking taps, etc. Next, dispose of the garbage, and keep your house clean. In short, make a clean space for yourself but not a filthy space for mosquitoes to settle.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are not fatal and disease-transmitting but are still huge havoc. They mostly take shelter in the wooden structure of your beds, cot, sofa, etc. Also, it may be settled on your luggage, and clothes too. Formerly, they give you rashes, lesions, and scars. Likewise, they also leave some psychological impacts behind. Removing bed bugs is not at all an easy and quick process.

Moreover, bed bugs can further make you suffer stress, anxiety, and depression. Further, the bed bugs are oval-shaped. Moreover, these small and brownish insects do not fly but move with quick movements. Bedbugs are most active in the nighttime. In addition, bed bugs can be detected through the bloodstains in bedsheets. Next, you can also check for their eggshells, fecal spots, or shed skin.


Next, the cockroaches are the pests of a house where dust tends to exist all the time. Also, some old properties having a structure made up of only bricks have roaches. They are likely to have cockroaches sitting in the middle of those brick spaces. Surely, you might have observed cockroaches moving on your bed, walls, and especially toilets and kitchen.

Similarly, they are very fast to carry dirt and pathogens wherever they move. They mostly stay in your house to seek warmth and food to eat. Nevertheless, it’s not like their movement will only bring you harm. Indeed, their urine, droppings, decayed body of roaches, also support the spread of health issues for asthmatic people.


Fleas enter your house mostly from the outside environment. When your naughty pet moves out and becomes naughtiest, he gets fascinated to explore the external ambience vastly. There your pet can come in contact with fleas from the garden area. Next, once your pet moves in, the fleas will also make their way to your home. Fleas have wings and they don’t walk but jump. They feed on living beings including humans.

Moreover, they are likely to bite. Also, their bite can give you an allergic reaction. At times, they also tend to give rise to a disease called anaphylaxis in some. It is said that if a flea consumes the tapeworm larvae. Next, again if such fleas are consumed by your pet, it may cause a problem.


Pests problem should generally be discussed and should be taken action against quickly. Eventually, pests problems are not limited to any locality or property. The reach of pests is more than an extended limit. Above all, following some vital precautions and safety against pests will help you in the long run. Hence, you need to comprehend the seriousness of pests issues and take action, right away. You can Pest Control Banora Point and leave all the hassle to us.